UPDATE: Fulton County Superior Court Sets Date for Amason Ballot Hearing

Atlanta, GA — August 21, 2014

The Fulton County Superior Court will hear the Jeff Amason and Amason for Liberty, Inc. ballot access case on Monday, August 25th at 10:00 AM. The Amason campaign has requested that the Court compel the Elections Office to place Jeff Amason’s name on the November ballot as the Libertarian candidate for the Georgia House of Representatives from District 21.

Although the Amason campaign successfully collected the required number of valid voter signatures to have Jeff Amason’s name placed on the ballot, the Director of Elections rejected the majority of petitions citing a conflict with the attestation by the corporate notary of Amason for Liberty, Inc. By rejecting these petitions, the Director of Elections failed to consider the broad authority granted to corporate notaries in Georgia by statute. In Georgia, corporate notaries can attest to virtually any document for the corporation, except for two exceptions which do not apply here.

“This issue of law has never been decided before and will be a matter of first impression before the Court. If the Court does not recognize the broad statutory authority for corporate notaries as in this case, precedent will be set that will critically weaken the corporate notary statute relied upon for almost a century in Georgia. All corporations in Georgia, including mortgage, financial institutions and banks will be severely impacted.” Jeff stated.

Amason continued: “We are very optimistic that the Court will find in our favor. The Court has a great opportunity to clarify its position and uphold the legislative intent for corporate notaries in Georgia. The voters in District 21 have asked for choice in November and I am happy to fight for their right. Once this case is behind us, I am looking forward to returning to the campaign trail and carrying the fight for freedom to the Georgia Legislature.”

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As a fellow Georgian and a member of the Libertarian Party, I stand for the following:
  • Enforcing the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution to keep the Federal Government out of Georgia’s policies
  • Driving legislation to replace the Georgia State Income Tax with the Fair Tax.
  • The right to life.
  • The right to bear arms under the Second Amendment
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