Jeff Amason: “We Were By No Means Defeated”

Although the final result did not yield a Libertarian victory for Georgia House 21, we were by no means defeated.

Our campaign for Georgia House 21 brought the Libertarian principles of individual freedom and personal responsibility to the forefront in Cherokee. Voters, many for the first time, recognized that there is a viable, strong and vibrant alternative to the two establishment parties.

We reached many voters who had never considered voting Libertarian before. In fact at times, we gathered more write-in votes in our district than our individual LP state wide candidates. This is a fantastic showing for a write-in candidate!

We had a tough campaign season – from gathering petition signatures, fighting ballot access restrictions, and finally campaigning as a write-in candidate. Despite the hardships, we never gave up and never conceded defeat for one simple reason – our liberty is too precious. The fight for liberty will continue!

Our volunteers are truly amazing and helped make this campaign a success. We had little campaign experience but we showed our determination and ability to work together for this great cause. By any definition, this campaign was a grass-roots effort to protect our freedom.

You have my heart-felt thanks, appreciation, and gratitude and I hope that everyone will continue to advance the cause of liberty in Cherokee, in Georgia and in our great nation.

God Bless and LIVE FREE.

Jeff Amason
Libertarian Candidate for Georgia House 21

Vote for Liberty.

As a fellow Georgian and a member of the Libertarian Party, I stand for the following:
  • Enforcing the Tenth Amendment to the US Constitution to keep the Federal Government out of Georgia’s policies
  • Driving legislation to replace the Georgia State Income Tax with the Fair Tax.
  • The right to life.
  • The right to bear arms under the Second Amendment
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News and Updates

27 08, 2014

Jeff Amason Vows to Continue Campaign as a Write-In Candidate

Libertarian candidate Jeff Amason addressed concerns today about his continued candidacy for the Georgia House of Representatives, District 21, after Georgia’s ballot access laws prevented Amason’s name from specifically appearing on the November ballot. Jeff Amason’s campaign will [...]

26 08, 2014

Superior Court Dismisses Ballot Access Case

Jeff Amason’s efforts, including his petition in Superior Court, to appear by name on the November ballot was decided in Fulton Superior Court on Monday. Citing a procedural issue with the case, the court dismissed the case. [...]

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